Proven quality, superior waterjet supplies.

The waterjet cutting industry is an innovative one, expanding rapidly as the market realises the vast benefits of its flexibility, scalability and versatility. Driven by international endorsements and a passion for quality assurance, Waterjet Supplies Africa (Pty) Ltd delivers superior waterjet cutting supplies across South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

Waterjet Supplies Africa has been awarded the sole distribution rights to market GMA Garnet and the GMA sandblasting medium in Africa by the international leader in waterjet cutting garnet, GMA Garnet Australia. GMA Garnet outperforms all other abrasives in its class, due to lower particle edge roughness, less particle micro fractures, and its exceptionally accurate abrasive sizing.

GMA Garnet is a naturally occurring garnet which is an alluvial flow deposit, collected at its source in Western Australia. The mineral is mined by recovery and refining,ensuring that no crushing occurs.


The advantages of a non-crushed garnet include:

Extending Equipment Lifespan

Less abrasion in the waterjet delivery system, from the feed hopper to the pneumatic piping and valves to the focusing tubes and nozzles – extending equipment lifespan

No Micro Fractures

The garnet particles are much harder as there are no induced micro fractures which are usually created in the crushing process

Eliminating Blockages & Preventing Dust

The sizing process is extremely well controlled and adheres to the highest quality standards, virtually eliminating blockages and preventing dust.

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