Who we are

With over 30 years of combined mechanical engineering, production and manufacturing experience, the Waterjet Supplies team expertly delivers on all waterjet cutting supply requirements. Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, the company is driven by passionate specialists that instil a culture of excellence in everything they do.

What we do

Waterjet Supplies Africasupplies all products, materials, equipment, systems and custom solutions required for waterjet cutting,effectively addressing the entire waterjet cutting cycle. The company and its team of experts are committed to first-class customer service, product and service excellence, and a focus on delivering the best, most innovative and reliable waterjet cutting supplies, at all times.

Why choose Waterjet Supplies Africa

When sourcing waterjet cutting supplies, three considerations must be made; proven quality, constant reliability, and consistent innovation. Waterjet Supplies Africa delivers on all three fronts, safeguarding its customers’ equipment while providing the necessary solutions to ensure their waterjet cutting projects are a success.

With international backing, a wealth of industry knowledge, and an ethos of exceptional customer service, Waterjet Supplies Africa is the go-to waterjet cutting supplies provider.

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